With what do you feed, you feed with it.
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Today, there is an extremely risky behavior such as feeding animals with “waste”, spoiled or even moldy feed. This mistake is very harmful for both…
Step by Step Business Analysis
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We analyze the feed raw materials used by the business in our state-of-the-art laboratory with both chemical techniques and NIR devices…
Don’t Let a Mistake Made During the Corn Harvest Cost you a Year
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Quality roughage is the basis of animal nutrition. Dry Matter and Starch value comes first among the quality parameters in corn silage…
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Vitamins are compounds that cannot be synthesized in the animal body in general, but are inevitably needed for the normal…
Absorption of Vitamins
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Before being absorbed, vitamins are absorbed by undergoing some changes and by certain mechanisms. In addition, their solubility and chemical forms in feed…
Minerals and Metabolism
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All living things need minerals to maintain their normal life functions. The mentioned minerals are present in different amounts and ratios in animal tissues and in all feeds.
Classification of Minerals
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The chart of classification of minerals is helpful in determining the nutritional role of these elements. Minerals needed in high amounts are called macro minerals…