Don’t Let a Mistake Made During the Corn Harvest Cost you a Year
Don’t Let a Mistake Made During the Corn Harvest Cost you a Year
Quality roughage is the basis of animal nutrition. Dry Matter and Starch value comes first among the quality parameters in corn silage, which is one of the most used roughage in enterprises. Harvest time is of great importance for optimum dry matter and starch value. One of the biggest problems encountered in the current Turkish conditions is the big losses of the enterprises as a result of the mistakes caused by the shape and storage of the silage corn.
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The skill is to know how to reap the silage corn from the above, not from the bottom and to obtain quality products by reaping on time, rather than harvesting high-tonnage crops by reaping early.

In the form of silage maize, the closer the root of the maize is, the lower the quality of animal nutrition and the growth of bacteria that can cause disease for the animals. As a result, molds and harmful toxins can grow. Another issue is low dry matter and low starch silages as a result of the early harvest. In cases where dry matter and starch are not at optimum levels in silage maize, since the starch and dry matter they need cannot be supplied to the animals, unit costs increase and as a result, profitability decreases. In order to provide the energy expected from silage maize in animals, the GRAIN CRUSHER feature of the cutting machines must be active during silage production. Since the corn grain, which is not shredded, will be removed from the animal body without being digested, there is no nutritional benefit.

In order for the corn to be a quality silage, it should be kept at the appropriate pH value by providing a good fermentation by creating an oxygen-free environment when it is siled. The use of INOKULANT (Bacteria) should not be neglected to reduce the problems that may occur as a result of ensiling and adversely affect the fermentation. Within the framework of all this information, in order to produce high quality silage corn, it is necessary to pay attention to the stages of HARVET LENGTH, HARVET TIME and SILOING.

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