Step by Step Business Analysis
Step by Step Business Analysis

Step 1

We analyze the feed raw materials used by the business in our state-of-the-art laboratory with both chemical techniques and NIR devices.

Step 2

We perform metabolic profile tests of animals in the enterprise and monitor the health of our animals. We screen forages and TMRs with the PENN State feed separator. We wash the feces.

Step 3

We discuss the current herd management, animal and yield information of the enterprise in detail.

Step 4

In the light of the data we collect, we prepare special feed additive mixtures by organizing the most economical, profitable and stable feeding program, without jeopardizing the health of any animal, considering the current physical and material conditions of the enterprise.

Step 5

As a result of the studies, we check and audit the studies we have done by looking at the yields, feeds, feces and metabolic profile.

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