Vetasupra Vetastrum Likit
Vetasupra Vetastrum Likit
vetasupra vetastrum likit 500

Amino Acids: 3c301 – Methionine (DL-Methionine) 3c391 – Cystine (L-Cystine) 3.2.1 – Lysine (L-Lysine) 3.3.1 – Threonine (L-Threonine) 3.4.1 – Tryptophan (L-Triftophan) 3c3.5.1 – Histidine (L-Histidine) 3c3.6.1 – Arginine (L-Arginine) 3c3.7.1 – Valine (L-Valine) 3c8.8.1 – Isoleucine) L-Isoleucine) Leucine (L-Leucine) Phenylalanine (L-Phenylalanine) Alanine (L-Alanine) Aspartic acid (L-Aspartic acid) Glycine (L-Glycine) Glutamic acid (L-Glutamic acid) Proline (L-Proline) Cool (L-Serine) Triosine (L-Triosine)

Carriers: Water (Water)

USAGE PURPOSE: • To strengthen the immune system of calves, lambs, kids and poultry and to meet amino acid needs. • It can be used in any stress situation.

USAGE: For lambs and kids 3—5 gr 2 times a day for 5-60 days can be given daily with water, milk or calf food. It is used by mixing 25 gr in 100 kg of water into the drinking water of poultry.

STORAGE: to be stored in cool, dry and dark and moisture-free places.