Vetasupra Active Sacc
Vetasupra Active Sacc
active sacc 03

Intestinal Flora Regulators: E1704-Yeast (Saccharomyeces Cerevisia) 

Minerals: 11.2.1- Magnesium Oxide (Magnesium Oxide)

Carriers: Bonkalit (Bonkalit) qsp

USAGE PURPOSE: It is a live active yeast, which is a strain of Saccharomyeces cerevisia with a high vitality rate. It has an appetizing, yield-increasing, immune system-enhancing effect. It should be used during lactation in animals with high milk yield.It should be used continuously during the intensive fattening period.

USAGE: 1-2 kg per ton of feed, 100 gr per bag of feed, and 5-10 gr mixed with daily feed of animals for 1 cattle, 4 calves, 5 sheep, 10 lambs. It can be used by adding 1-2 kg to 1 ton feed in poultry.

STORAGE: To be stored in cool, dry and dark and moisture-free places.