Retox Propilen Eco
Retox Propilen Eco
Retox Propilen Eco 2

Emulgator-Stabilizers: E477 – Mono Propylene Glycol (Mono Propylene Glycol) E420 – Sorbitol (D-Sorbitol)

USAGE PURPOSE: It is used to meet the increasing energy needs of bovine and ovine animals before and after birth. It helps to prevent excessive slimming after birth in cows. It is enriched with niacin, cobalt and sorbitol. It is also enriched and sweetened with sorbitol.

USAGE: Before birth; 300-500 ml / day used for 3-5 days. After the birth; It is used for 3-7 days by mixing 300-500 ml / day with water or feed.

STORAGE: To be stored in cool, dry and dark and moisture-free places.